Dampé the Gravekeeper

Though slightly unsettling to look at, DampŽ the Gravekeeper had a kind soul. He was always looking for a friend, and he was very kind to Link when the two met both in Hyrule and Termina.
Ocarina of Time , Majora's Mask , Four Swords Adventures , The Minish Cap


Darias are disgusting hybrids of Hylians and alligators. They are expert axe-throwers, and their axes are so sharp that they are able to slice through most Hyrulean Shields.
The Adventure of Link


Darunia was the bulky leader of the Gorons. Link eventually learned that Darunia also served as Sage to the Fire Temple when the powerful Goron presented him with the Fire Medallion.
Ocarina of Time

Darunia, Town of

Darunia is a small town in northern Hyrule named after Darunia, Sage to the Fire Temple.
The Adventure of Link

Dark Cloud

Link explored the Dark Cloud during his quest to thwart Vaati, a demented wind mage infamous for capturing young maidens.
Four Swords Adventures

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Dark Link

Created by a wicked magical force (some say by Ganon himself), Dark Link is an evil shadow capable of duplicating Link's every move. Dark Link is sometimes referred to as Shadow Link.
The Adventure of Link , Ocarina of Time , Four Swords Adventures

Dark Mirror

A dark tribe which invaded Hyrule ages ago was defeated and imprisoned within the Dark Mirror.
Four Swords Adventures

Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint

Held in the Koholint Library, Link used this book to find his way through the enigmatic passageways of the Wind Fish Egg.
Link's Awakening

Dark World

When Ganondorf ambushed the Golden Land and set his evil hands on the Triforce, his wicked influence brought a dark cloud over the land. From that moment, the Golden Land became known as the Dark World.
A Link to the Past , Ocarina of Time , Four Swords Adventures


Darknuts are skilled knights who fight with swords and shields. Found only in dungeons, these foes wear either red or blue armor.
The Legend of Zelda

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Darmani was a Goron hero who set out to save the Goron's homeland. Darmani did not live long enough to reach his goal, but when Link wore the Goron Mask he was able to inhabit Darmani's body and continue the Goron's dream to save his people.
Majora's Mask

Death Mountain

Rising above Hyrule and circled by a crown of smoke, Death Mountain can put the chill of fear into even the most courageous souls. Those who take the time to examine it more closely will find beauty, and a mild-mannered race of people known as Gorons.
The Legend of Zelda , A Link to the Past , Ocarina of Time , Four Swords Adventures

Death Mountain Crater

Deep within Death Mountain boils a lava-filled crater where the volcanic core generates intense heat. Only the thick-skinned Gorons can survive within the crater without the use of protective clothing.
The Legend of Zelda

Death Mountain Foothills

Link explored the Death Mountain Foothills during his quest to thwart Vaati, a demented wind mage infamous for capturing young maidens.
Four Swords Adventures


Deelers are poisonous spiders who inhabited the wooded areas of Hyrule. They commonly drop down on victims from thin silk strands because they are too impatient to wait in their webs. Deelers do not posses any of the magical power found in Gold Skulltulas.
The Adventure of Link

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Deepwood Shrine

Link explored the Deepwood Shrine during his quest to rescue Princess Zelda from Vaati's curse. He defeated a Giant Chuchu there to earn the Earth Element.
The Minish Cap

Deku Baba

Though born from the same strain of Deku Seeds which produced the Great Deku Tree, Deku Babas are much less thoughtful or generous. They are menacing monsters with sharp jaws and a thirst for blood.
Link's Awakening , Ocarina of Time , Majora's Mask

Deku Dungeon

The Deku Dungeon is one of the four mystical dungeons which Link explored while inside Termina's Moon.
Majora's Mask

Deku Flower

Deku Scrubs use Deku Flowers for multiple purposes. Scrubs can burrow into Deku Flowers to rest or to avoid danger, and they can also use the Deku Flowers to propel themselves high into the air.
Majora's Mask , Oracle of Seasons

Deku King

The Deku King is the recognized ruler of all Deku Scrubs and exercises absolute power over Deku Scrub life. Deku Kings are born into this position, and something within the royal bloodline has caused all Deku Kings to be harsh, iron-fisted rulers. The Deku King which ruled during Link's visit to Termina was no exception.
Majora's Mask

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Deku Leaf

Link always made the most out of the resources available to him. He used Deku Leaves in two ways. It could create large wind gusts when fanned, or act as a glider which allowed Link to surf rising air currents.
Wind Waker

Deku Nut

Though they don't seem useful at first glance, Deku Nuts explode with a bright flash of light which can temporarily stun many of Hyrule's most threatening life forms.
Ocarina of Time , Majora's Mask

Deku Palace

Found in Termina's Southern Swamp, the Deku Palace is where the Deku King lives and creates the rules which govern Deku Scrub life. Only Deku Scrubs are allowed inside the Palace, so little is known about the customs and happenings within the Deku Palace walls.
Majora's Mask

Deku Pipes

The Deku Pipes are a favorite musical instrument among the Deku Scrubs. Consisting of five horns, the Deku Pipes require powerful lungs and large bursts of air to produce a consistent tone. Unless played by a master, the Deku Pipes can produce ear-piercing results.
Majora's Mask

Deku Princess

Deku Princess is the title assigned to the daughters of the Deku King. The most famous Deku Princess was a kind young Deku Scrub who was held captive in the Woodfall Temple by the masked jungle warrior Odolwa.
Majora's Mask

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Deku Scrub

Deku Scrubs are a common sight throughout Hyrule. Some are kind, but others are malicious. The less-friendly Scrubs have been known to fire Deku Seeds at innocent passers-by. In the land of Termina, Deku Scrubs have flourished and enjoy the benefits of an organized civilization.
Ocarina of Time , Majora's Mask , Oracle of Ages , Oracle of Seasons , Four Swords Adventures

Deku Scrub Bros.

Just outside Queen Gohma's chamber inside the Great Deku Tree, this troublesome trio blocked Link's passage until he discovered that the brothers had to be defeated in a particular order.
Ocarina of Time

Deku Scrub Playground

Located in North Clock Town, the Deku Scrub Playground is a festive place where two Deku Scrub brothers host playful games. You have to pay to play, but Scrubs who successfully complete the obstacle course are rewarded well.
Majora's Mask

Deku Seeds

Deku Seeds are small, but extremely hard. Because of this, they are widely used by Kokiri children as ammunition for their Fairy Slingshots.
Ocarina of Time

Deku Shield

Carved from the bark of a Deku tree, this tiny shield is perfect for questers-in-training. Its light weight makes it easy to carry, but it quickly burns when near fire.
Ocarina of Time

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Delivery Bag

The Delivery Bag allowed Link to pick up and receive mail. Link encountered many different friends during his journey in the Great Sea, and he was frequently asked to deliver mail as a favor.
Wind Waker

Deluxe Picto Box

The Deluxe Picto Box allowed Link to take beautiful snapshots of the amazing people and places he encountered throughout his adventure in the Great Sea. The pictures it snapped were in color, but the regular Picto Box took black and white photos.
Wind Waker

Deku Stick

A Deku Stick can be used either as a weapon or as a tool. They're a common site throughout Hyrule, found either in the wild or in shops.
Ocarina of Time , Majora's Mask


Desbrekos are huge skeletal fish with sharp teeth. They have no stomachs to fill, but they nevertheless enjoy inflicting pain on the living.
Majora's Mask

Desert Colossus

The Desert Colossus is a staggeringly large statue constructed by Gerudo architects to guard the entrance to their holy Spirit Temple.
Ocarina of Time

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Desert of Doubt

Link explored the Desert of Doubt during his quest to thwart Vaati, a demented wind mage infamous for capturing young maidens.
Four Swords Adventures

Desert of Mystery

Known as the Haunted Wasteland when Link was a boy, this vast arid expanse in southeastern Hyrule has slowly become known more commonly as the Desert of Mystery.
A Link to the Past , Ocarina of Time

Desert Palace

During Link's quest to recover the three Pendants of Virtue, Link conquered the previously unexplored chambers of the Desert Palace. He was rewarded with the Pendant of Power after defeating the Lanmolas who severed as Palace guardians.
A Link to the Past

Desert Specter

A ghost made famous by helping Link find his away across the Haunted Wasteland.
Ocarina of Time

Desert Temple

Link explored the Desert Temple during his quest to thwart Vaati, a demented wind mage infamous for capturing young maidens.
Four Swords Adventures

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During Link's final battle in Koholint Island's Wind Fish Egg, he faced a series of dark guardians. The sixth and final monster he encountered was Dethl, a writhing beast with one eye and two tentacles. Link defeated it by striking it in its one vulnerable spot -- the eye.
Link's Awakening


Dexihands are thin, white arms which protrude from the floor or wall. If an intruder gets too close, the ghostly fingers will latch on and toss its victim to the floor.
Majora's Mask


Digdogger was a feared dungeon guardian defeated by Link during his quest to recover the shattered pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom. Resembling a giant sea urchin, Digdogger was able to clone itself at will.
The Legend of Zelda


Dimitri was the name of a friendly Dodongo who helped Link during his quests in Labrynna and Holodrum. Dimitri was particularly helpful to Link when he had to cross large bodies of water.
Oracle of Ages , Oracle of Seasons

Din, Goddess of Power

Working with her two sisters, Din assisted in the creation of Hyrule at the beginning of time. She also contributed the Triforce of Power to the Sacred Triforce.
Ocarina of Time

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Din, Oracle of Seasons

Named after the Goddess of Power, Din served as the Oracle of Seasons in Holodrum. It was her responsibility to keep the rhythmic cycles of nature in order, and was known to be one of the best dancers in Holodrum or anywhere else.
Oracle of Seasons


Dinalfos are distant cousins to the Lizalfos, but they are strengthened by a thick leathery skin which makes them much more powerful.
Ocarina of Time , Majora's Mask

Din's Fire

In addition to creating Hyrule and the Triforce of Power, Din also forged a powerful spell called Din's Fire which allows the spellcaster to surround himself with a ring of fire. The fairies kept this spell secret for ages until they taught it to Link.
Ocarina of Time

Din's Pearl

One of three pearls which Link placed inside statues on the Great Sea to access the Tower of the Gods.
Wind Waker


Dodongos are four-legged monsters which resemble gigantic iguanas. They move very slowly, but they can emit powerful bursts of fire which extend their attack arrange.
The Legend of Zelda , Ocarina of Time , Majora's Mask , Oracle of Ages , Oracle of Seasons

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Dodongo's Cavern

Previously a Goron mining facility, the elaborate tunnels and caves of Dodongo's Cavern was overrun by fire-breathing monsters. Link exterminated the Dodongos from the cavern to make it safe for the Gorons to return.
Ocarina of Time

Doggy Racetrack

Open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., the Doggy Racetrack is one of the biggest tourist attractions at Romani Ranch. Wagering is encouraged.
Majora's Mask

Don Gero's Mask

Whoever wears Don Gero's Mask gains the power to communicate with the many frogs living throughout Termina.
Majora's Mask

Down Thrust

The Down Thrust is a special battle technique made famous by Link in which a warrior jumps into the air and strikes his enemy with a sword during the descent.
The Adventure of Link , The Minish Cap


Terminan Dragonflies are huge, and each is equipped with an electrified stinger on the tip of its tail.
Majora's Mask

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Dragon Roost Island

Home to the Rito people, Dragon Roost Island is a volcanic island located in the northeast corner of the Great Sea.
Wind Waker

Dream Shrine

Found in Mabe Village on Koholint Island, the Dream Shrine offers a bed for weary travelers. Anyone who lies down to sleep will experience incredibly vivid dreams which offer revealing insights into the dreamer's subconscious.
Link's Awakening

Dungeon Map

Early in Hyrulian and Terminan history -- even before Link was born -- brave adventures explored many of the palaces and temples found throughout Hyrule. These explorers made meticulous maps of their findings, and left them hidden within the walls of some dungeons to aid future explorers.
The Legend of Zelda , The Adventure of Link , A Link to the Past , Link's Awakening , Ocarina of Time , Majora's Mask , Oracle of Ages , Oracle of Seasons , Wind Waker , The Minish Cap

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