When Link attempted to enter the Mysterious Woods during his exploration of Koholint Island, he was constantly harassed by an unusual Raccoon. Soon, Link discovered that the Raccoon was actually his friend Tarin who had been cursed.
Link's Awakening


When more luxurious modes of transportation weren't available, Link was known to use a raft to cross large bodies of water.
The Legend of Zelda , The Adventure of Link

Rapids Ride

The residents of Koholint Island love to participate in outdoor sports, and the Rapids Ride which takes place on the Koholint River is one of their favorite ways to commune with nature. Riding on a small raft, adventurous sportsmen try to stay afloat as they tumble through the raging waters of the Koholint River.
Link's Awakening


Rauru, the architect of the Temple of Time, is the Sage to the Temple of Light and protector of the doorway to the Sacred Realm. Rauru helped Link to seal Ganon in the Dark World by presenting Link with the Light Medallion.
Ocarina of Time

Rauru, Town of

Rauru is a small town in central Hyrule named after Rauru, Sage to the Temple of Light.
The Adventure of Link

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Razor Sword

The Razor Sword is an intensely sharp blade forged by the Mountain Smithy in Termina's Northern Mountain. It's name adequately describes its cutting power, but it can only be used 100 times before the razor edge becomes dull.
Majora's Mask

Razor Traps

Razor Traps are a common sight in Hyrule's dungeons and palaces. These lightning-quick devices strike with ferocious accuracy whenever they detect motion.
The Legend of Zelda , A Link to the Past , Link's Awakening , Ocarina of Time , Majora's Mask , Four Swords Adventures

Realm of the Heavens

Link explored the Realm of the Heavens during his quest to thwart Vaati, a demented wind mage infamous for capturing young maidens.
Four Swords Adventures

Red Bubble

Red Bubbles are disembodied skulls surrounded by a crimson fire. They bounce along the ground searching for fleshy victims to attack.
Ocarina of Time , Majora's Mask

Red Candle

When lit, the Red Candle has the power to light up a room or burn down a bush. Unlike the Blue Candle, the Red Candle can be used over and over again without waiting for the wax to regenerate.
The Legend of Zelda

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Red Ice

Red Ice possesses a magical power which makes it invulnerable to heat. The only way to melt Red Ice is by using the intense heat which radiates from Blue Fire.
Ocarina of Time

Red Mail

Red Mail is a type of armor worn by warriors to greatly reduce the damage they receive from enemy attacks. Red Mail is much more resilient than Blue Mail.
A Link to the Past

Red Potion

When ingested, Red Potions have the power to replenish energy.
A Link to the Past , Ocarina of Time , Majora's Mask , Wind Waker

Red Ring

When a warrior is struck while wearing the Red Ring, the blow is only one-quarter as powerful as it would be normally.
The Legend of Zelda

Red Shield

Colored to match the blood of its owner's enemies, the Red Shield provides trustworthy protection from the strongest of onslaughts.
A Link to the Past

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Red Tunic

The Red Tunic is a magical garment found in the Secret Dungeon on Koholint Island. It increases the offensive power of whoever wears it.
Link's Awakening DX


ReDead are walking corpses with skeletal bodies and masked heads. The sight of a ReDead is so repulsive that passers-by have been known to freeze in their tracks from fear.
Ocarina of Time , Majora's Mask

Reflect Spell

During Link's quest to recover the six shards of the Magic Crystal, Link frequently used the power of magical Spells. Link used the Reflect Spell to create a special barrier on his shield which could easily reflect magical attacks back to their source.
The Adventure of Link

Requiem of Spirit

Link played the eerie notes of this valuable tune whenever he wished to warp directly to the entrance of the Spirit Temple. According to ancient scrolls, the Requiem of Spirit was played by pressing A, Down, A, Right, Down, A.
Ocarina of Time


During his adventure on Koholint Island, Link made Quadruplets' Mother very happy by giving her the Yoshi Doll. In return, Link received the Ribbon. Link made similar trades like this with many of the island's inhabitants, and in the end his kindness was rewarded with the Magnifying Glass.
Link's Awakening

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Ricky was a spirited boxing Kangaroo who helped Link survive his adventures in Labrynna and Holodrum. Ricky frequently carried Link in her pouch, and helped the hero to hop over small holes.
Oracle of Ages , Oracle of Seasons


Rings were a popular fashion item in the mystical lands of Holodrum and Labrynna. In addition to looking good, each Ring had a specific magical effect on its wearer.
Oracle of Ages , Oracle of Seasons


The bird-like Rito civilization makes its home on Dragon Roost Island in the Great Sea.
Wind Waker

River Devil

For years, a giant spider known as the River Devil blocked the road south of Nabooru town. Link was able to drive the River Devil away by playing a song on the Flute.
The Adventure of Link

Rock Sirloin

Rock Sirloin is a favorite meal among Gorons. Gorons enjoy eating rocks, but their carnivorous desires are fulfilled by this choice cut of flesh. Served rare by Goron chefs, Rock Sirloin is even enjoyed by Hylians on occasion.
Majora's Mask

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Roc's Cape

The magical power of Roc's Cape allows its wearer to glide effortlessly through the air.
Oracle of Seasons , A Link to the Past / Four Swords , The Minish Cap

Roc's Feather

The magical power of Roc's Feather allows the person holding it to jump through the air as if he were light as a feather.
Link's Awakening , Oracle of Ages , Oracle of Seasons , Four Swords Adventures

Rolling Bones

Link encountered Rolling Bones while exploring the Tail Cave and Turtle Rock Dungeon on Koholint Island. Rolling Bones himself was a small creature, but he used his strength to roll a large spiked log across the dungeon floor.
Link's Awakening


Romani is the name of a young girl who once lived in Termina. Romani Ranch was named after her, and she is still famous among the ranchers for her incredible skill in the art of archery.
Majora's Mask

Romani's Mask

This cow-shaped mask allows its owner to communicate more thoroughly with both animals and Gossip Stones.
Majora's Mask

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Romani Ranch

Very similar to Hyrule's Lon Lon Ranch, Romani Ranch is a peaceful area where Romani's family raises cows, cuccos and horses. Romani Ranch is even equipped with a Doggy Racetrack for lighthearted weekend fun.
Majora's Mask

Room Key

Room Keys are used to enter the guest rooms found in Termina's Stock Pot Inn.
Majora's Mask

Rosa Sisters

Lovely even in their later years, the Rosa Sisters were the best dancers to ever perform the traditional Carnival Dance for Clock Town's famous Carnival of Time.
Majora's Mask

Royal Guard

See "Hyrulean Soldiers."

Royal Tomb

Located in the Graveyard, the Royal Tomb is where members of Hyrule's Royal Family are buried.
Ocarina of Time

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Rupees are the official currency of Hyrule. Although the barter system is still used frequently throughout the land, Rupees are becoming increasingly common. The Royal Family introduced the Rupee to Hyrule after severe storms ruined the crops of many farmers. A Rupee's value is determined by its color.
Green - 1 Rupee
Blue - 5 Rupees
Red - 20 Rupees
Purple - 50 Rupees
Silver - 100*
Giant (Gold) - 200 Rupees

*In Hyrule, Silver Rupees are viewed by many as tokens of good fortune. Elsewhere, they are worth 100 Rupees.
The Legend of Zelda , The Adventure of Link , A Link to the Past , Link's Awakening , Ocarina of Time , Majora's Mask , Oracle of Ages , Oracle of Seasons , A Link to the Past / Four Swords , Wind Waker , The Minish Cap

Rupee Shard

Rare Rupee Shards transform into a special gem worth 500 Rupees if eight are held by the same collector.
A Link to the Past / Four Swords


See "Princess Ruto."

Ruto, Town of

Ruto is a small town in northwestern Hyrule named after Princess Ruto, Sage to the Water Temple.
The Adventure of Link

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