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Concept Art


You may recognize this enemy from the trailer that debuted during The Game Awards in December 2016.


Donkeys carrying a variety of merchandise accompany traveling merchants in Hyrule. Link will often find them at stables or on the road.

Cold Weather

This concept for Link’s cold weather tunic looks nice and warm – he’s probably going to want some socks though!


Link will need to battle enemies called Guardians that come in a variety of sizes and shapes.


This concept art shows the outfit of a worker in Hyrule.


Many animals inhabit the lush forests of Hyrule, including these deer.


This concept art might look familiar - this building was shown in the Life in the Ruins trailer released in December 2016.


This concept art showcases the design of the lift entrances to Shrines of Trials. In the center, there’s a Sheikah Eye symbol.